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Two of my favorite quotes:

“Somehow I’ve lucked out and have an 8yo who thinks secretly reading under the covers past her bedtime is an act of rebellion, and it hasn’t yet occurred to her that her

flashlights never seem to run out of batteries.” -Unknown

What an image that creates in your mind, right? I can picture the joy of the child and the

will of the parent not to interfere, but rather to quietly provide the tools necessary

for her child to follow her passion.

“When I was a boy, my mother would say to me… look for the helpers. You will always

find people who are helpers.” - Mr. Rogers

I am a helper.  As an educator, I want to be the person behind the scenes quietly

providing the tools while also being the helper that makes them feel safe to

explore the world around them.

More about me...

I graduated from the University of South Carolina with an elementary teaching degree

and a minor in studio art.  I am a fully retired, certified, elementary school teacher

(K-2nd grade) with 30 + years of experience.


My philosophy and passion is to infuse the creative arts into any curriculum

through unstructured and purposeful play.


At CATS Academy children will explore, play, giggle, fail, persevere, fail again,

brush themselves off, get messy, achieve, and model kindness because

we are all helpers, even the young children.

Kolleen Cafferky

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- Cash/Check or Venmo

- Credit Cards

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